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A recent article in the Georgia Straight highlights how easy it is to get dancing and participate in art while in Vancouver. Centrally located, the ice rink at Robson Square features various forms of dance during the summer and fall months available to the public. Check it out:

Dance at Robson Square: Vancouver’s hippest nonsecret secret

If you live in Vancouver and have been to Robson Square, you’ve likely noticed the dancers there. On any given day or night of the week, you might find breakdancers on the ground spinning into power moves, house dancers working on fast footwork, or waackers studying and styling shapes.

Ballet In FormBallet in Form is a newly launched website providing technique tips, inspiring videos, and genuine knowledge from reputable, experienced ballet teachers and professional dancers. This is a welcome addition to the world of dance websites, and we look forward to our dancers exploring and learning from this resource. Check it out!

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