Spotlight on: Crystal Pite

Hailing from Terrace BC, choreographer Crystal Pite is in demand around the globe. Her works have been taken into the repertoire of The National Ballet of Canada, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and The Royal Ballet, among others.

This is in addition to running her own company, the critically acclaimed contemporary troupe Kidd Pivot.

As a prominent female choreographer, Ms. Pite is often asked for her views on gender disparity in the dance world. Here is what she had to say on why choreography is male-dominated:

Crystal Pite Has An Interesting Theory About Why Ballet Choreography Is So Male-Dominated

“A young boy making the choice to study ballet as a kid is strong enough to push against the ridicule of his peers so he’s probably already a bit of a maverick … It’s natural for girls to be in the ballet world so they don’t have to resist anything – and they are prized for their ability to be obedient, to conform.

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