Our Vision

Ballet Productions Canada Society fulfills its mission in the following ways:

Coastal City Ballet

Coastal City Ballet is a main beneficiary of Ballet Productions Canada Society. Coastal City Ballet provides young dancers with a bridge between simply training, and undertaking a professional dance career. By offering planned performance opportunities for members to refine their skills as artists, Coastal City Ballet provides support to their emerging dancers through expanding professional skills, contacts, and knowledge.

Creations of Original Youth Ballet Productions

For Coastal City Ballet’s inaugural 2011-2012 Season, Ballet Productions Canada Society sponsored an original full-length ballet. “Hansel and Gretel”, choreographed by Irene Schneider premiered in May 2012 to rave reviews. It was initially performed in North Vancouver and Maple Ridge, and with Ballet Productions Canada’s support, subsequently toured to Regina, SK.

Since this time, Ballet Productions Canada Society has committed to sponsoring original full-length creations, including Coppélia, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Cinderella, engaging family audiences and introducing young people to the art of stories told through dance.

Scholarship and Bursary Fund

Ballet Productions Canada Society has seen talented young dancers struggle to pay for their dance education in Canada, and around the world. The Society will continue this commitment to supplementing dance education; encouraging excellence and achievement in the art of dance through a bursary and scholarship program. Scholarship and bursaries will be awarded based both on talent and need. No less that half the financial support awarded will go to Canadian students.

Ballet Productions Canada Society’s future development goals include:

Cultural Exchange

Ballet Productions Canada Society will promote cultural exchanges for young dancers to experience dance traditions and dance education in other parts of the world.

International Ballet Competition

International ballet competitions can often launch performing careers. As well, teachers and choreographers are afforded an international platform to showcase their work, learn from one another, and network. An international ballet competition would bring together dancers, teachers, and choreographers while promoting our talented Canadian dancers and the quality of our dance training. Ballet Productions Canada Society is committed to helping develop this showcase for Canadian and international dance talent.

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