Dancing away in Vancouver

A recent article in the Georgia Straight highlights how easy it is to get dancing and participate in art while in Vancouver. Centrally located, the ice rink at Robson Square features various forms of dance during the summer and fall months available to the public. Check it out:

Dance at Robson Square: Vancouver’s hippest nonsecret secret

If you live in Vancouver and have been to Robson Square, you’ve likely noticed the dancers there. On any given day or night of the week, you might find breakdancers on the ground spinning into power moves, house dancers working on fast footwork, or waackers studying and styling shapes.

New Dancers for Ballet BC

Ballet BC, Vancouver’s contemporary ballet company, will feature two new dancers for the 2016/2017 season. It’s wonderful to see artists and the arts thriving in Vancouver.

Ballet BC names new dancers and apprentices

Ballet BC will launch its 31st season with two new dancers taking the stage: Justin Rapaport, a Miami native who trained at the New World School of the Art and the Juilliard School; and Vancouver’s own Nicole Ward, an Arts Umbrella grad who was an apprentice with the company last year.

Deadline: City of Vancouver Transit Advertising for Non-Profits

Here is an interesting program the City of Vancouver offers a few times a year, providing free advertising in bus shelters to non-profit, charitable, or cultural organizations.

The deadline for November advertisements is August 19, 2016. To be eligible, your organization’s advertising must:

  • Provide program information
  • Raise awareness of a service being provided
  • Raise awareness of charitable activities

This is a great opportunity to make your organization known within the community. It is available in Metro Vancouver only. More details below:

Transit Shelter Advertising Program

Is your organization looking for a high-profile, yet inexpensive way, to promote itself, its services, or its events? The City of Vancouver, through the Transit Shelter Advertising Program, offers free access to transit shelter advertising space for non-profit arts and culture organizations. You pay for and arrange the posters and we provide a place for them to go.

Spotlight on: Crystal Pite

Hailing from Terrace BC, choreographer Crystal Pite is in demand around the globe. Her works have been taken into the repertoire of The National Ballet of Canada, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and The Royal Ballet, among others.

This is in addition to running her own company, the critically acclaimed contemporary troupe Kidd Pivot.

As a prominent female choreographer, Ms. Pite is often asked for her views on gender disparity in the dance world. Here is what she had to say on why choreography is male-dominated:

Crystal Pite Has An Interesting Theory About Why Ballet Choreography Is So Male-Dominated

“A young boy making the choice to study ballet as a kid is strong enough to push against the ridicule of his peers so he’s probably already a bit of a maverick … It’s natural for girls to be in the ballet world so they don’t have to resist anything – and they are prized for their ability to be obedient, to conform.

Dance + Community

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In a recent survey, The Canada Council for the Arts found significant benefits for including dance programming in local communities.

Not only does it have a positive impact on physical health, dance also builds self-esteem that contributes to strong communities.

You can check out the whole report below and check back with us to see how BPCS supports quality dance programming for our local artists and communities.

Research Library

Exhibition space at the Canada Council for the Arts 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily


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