hand5Arts organizations don’t run themselves. They require countless hours of volunteer labor from passionate game-changers. We are always looking for passionate people to help us organize, promote, fundraise, and offer support for our work in developing quality dance in Canada. Will you join us?


Do you have a business background? Could you:
Help us write a Business Plan?
Help us write a Strategic Plan?


Do you have contacts in the media? Introduce us! Could you:
Tell your network about us and our performances; bring a friend to a performance?
Distribute posters and promotional material in your neighborhood?
Introduce us to people you know who might want us to perform, e.g.: school districts, arts organizations, cultural groups, community groups?


Do you have a graphic arts background? Could you:
Help with the poster, promotional material or program design?
Are you proficient with social media? Could you help maintain our Facebook and Twitter pages?


Can you help us identify funding sources?
Could you help write grant applications?
Can you introduce us to organizations/individuals who are potential donors?
Could you help us set up a crowdfunding project?
Could you organize and lead fundraising activities; sales, bottle drives, silent auction at performances, 50/50 draws at performances?

At Performances

Prepare and set up lobby display?
Man the information table in the lobby, sell merchandise?
Gain experience as stage crew?
Help transport sets, costumes, floor to performance venues?
Assist with Wardrobe; sewing, maintenance, cleaning, storing?

Support for Coastal City Ballet

Do you have particular skills and knowledge in Human Resources? Help with mentoring dancers in resume preparation, coach through job searches.
Do you have expertise in nutrition, yoga, or pilates? Maybe you’d like to lead a class on these topics.
Homestay Coordinator. Dancers coming from abroad sometimes need help finding housing. Working with our network, could you organize placements? Could you help foreign students set up bank accounts, complete applications for medical coverage, etc.?

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